Press Reports

Jan., 2017 Impact
(Vol. 2017, pp. 23-25)
“Bio-AFM Frontier Research Center” T. Uchihashi
T. Ando
R. Wong
T. Fukuma
Feb., 8, 2016 Kanazawa University HP
Research topics
"Successful observation of nanoscale distribution of corrosion reaction for metals such as stainless steel and copper" Takeshi Fukuma
Feb., 3, 2016 The Hokuriku Shimbun
"Successful observation of internal change of metal corrosion Kanazawa University research group" Takeshi Fukuma
Feb., 2, 2016 NHK Kanazawa "The world's first successful observation of the rust inside the group of Kanazawa University" Takeshi Fukuma
The Hokkoku Shimbun evening paper
"Nanoscale metal corrosion observation Kanazawa University group succeeded" Takeshi Fukuma
Oct., 2015 ATI News
"Atomic resolution observation technique by atomic force microscope and its solution correspondence" Takeshi Fukuma
Mar., 27, 2015 The Science News
"Aiming to establish a worldwide base and start a project altogether" Takeshi Fukuma
Nov., 1, 2013 The Yomiuri Shimbun Ishikawa&Toyama
"Eye of engineer" Takeshi Fukuma
Jan., 27, 2012 The Hokuriku Shimbun
"2011 [2nd] Kanazawa University Program Japan Sea Innovation Conference" Takeshi Fukuma
Dec., 11, 2011 The Hokuriku Shimbun
"Two people at the forefront of the universe, atomism commentary" Takeshi Fukuma
Aug., 25, 2011 Nature Japan "Visualize the structure and properties of various substances with atomic resolution FM - AFM (frequency modulation atomic force microscope) in liquid" Takeshi Fukuma
Jul., 7, 2011 Zurich Instruments News Letter (Q2/2011) "Subnanometers & Piconewtons " Takeshi Fukuma
Apr., 12, 2011 The Hokuriku Chuunichi Shimbun
"Two awardees from Kanazawa Univ.,
The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Dr. Hirao and Dr. Fukuma, Contribution to the technical development
Takeshi Fukuma
The Hokkoku Shimbun
"Two researchers at Kanazawa Univ. awarded the Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology" Takeshi Fukuma
Dec., 8, 2010 Kanazawa Keizai Shimbun
(Internet delivery)
"Young researchers talked about topics of frontier science", Kanazawa University science seminar Hitoshi Asakawa
Dec., 5, 2010 The Hokkoku Shimbun
(p. 21)
"Seminar on frontier research projects", Kanazawa Univ. seminar Hitoshi Asakawa
Mar., 4, 2010 Nature
(Vol.464 pp.38-39
"When mica and water meet" Takeshi Fukuma
Sep., 10, 2009 the 2010 Edition of Marquis Who’s Who in the World
Takeshi Fukuma
Mar., 23, 2009 The Hokkoku Shimbun
"Development of FM-AFM With High-Performance even in Liquid and Air" Takeshi Fukuma
Dec., 2008 BTJ Journal
Takeshi Fukuma
Sep., 1, 2008 Nanonis Application Note
Mar., 21, 2007 Microscopy and Analysis
(Vol.21 pp. 17 - 19

"Phase Modulation in Dynamic AFM" Takeshi Fukuma
Dec., 2006 Physics Today
pp. 44 - 50
"Exploring the nanoworld with atomic force microscopy"
Takeshi Fukuma
Mar., 2, 2006 Nature
(Vol.440 p
p. 14 - 15

"Focus on the living" Takeshi Fukuma
Mar., 2, 2005 The Mainichi Shimbun
p. 2
"Molecular-resolution microscope in liquid" Takeshi Fukuma
Mar., 2, 2005 The Nihon Keizai Shimbun
(p. 17)

"Atomic Force Microscope - Imaging in Liquid" Takeshi Fukuma
Mar., 2, 2005 The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun
(p. 25)
"Development of Molecular-Resolution Atomic Force Microscopy - High Resolution even in Liquid" Takeshi Fukuma
Mar., 2, 2005 The Kyoto Shimbun
(p. 31)

"Imaging in Liquid - Development of Atomic Force Microscopy" Takeshi Fukuma